Digital Story Critique (1)

Transmedia Story Telling:

Will the Book be eliminated by the digital explosion of information and are consumers more interested in taking in this information through new and exciting devices? According to Cynthia at   this should not be a concern for any of us. In fact the opposite is true. The Book is highly valued by parents and kids, and is being used frequently and often in millions upon millions of homes. The New Literacy will actually integrate with The Book, by extending the single story into much more broadened story that is expressed through multi-media and a variety of devices. This new expansion of the New Literacy will create opportunities for entrepreneurs and individual companies and they will expand their revenue streams by continually offering off-shoots to the original single story. For example, companies will develop and expand the single story by creating Games, New Apps, Toys, and extended characters. Cynthia points out that Teachers and Liberians will also play a crucial role as this New Literacy and economic opportunity unfolds.

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