Comment on Peer Digital Critique

Digital Story Critique #3

I grew up in a small town where the night stars were visible every clear night. In the town itself street lamps waited on every corner, but hundreds of acres were set aside outside the town for natural forests. No lights were allowed, and the only paths were those made by forest hikers. Now I live in your typical suburbia home, where only the moon and brightest stars are visible. I love that there are some Colorado towns taking back their night skies, and realizing the losses due to light pollution.


I enjoyed this Digital Story and thought it was well made and engaging. Growing up in southwest, Prescott Arizona I can appreciate Star Gazing and fun that can be had during this activity.

The camera work and story line was intriguing and the conflict between the different characters was heart-felt and I was glad to see a resolution was found between the towns people.

I would recommend this short Digital Story and believe all ages would enjoy this video clip.

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