Peer Response – Creating a World of Empathy through Virtual Reality

Creating a World of Empathy Through Virtual Reality

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The world is changing fast; and it is though the creative lenses of virtual reality that humans are connecting to each other in different worlds and dimensions. One dream, and digital story, created by Chris Milk, establishes an idea that can bring large political audiences together to witness an event in 3D. To put it simply, once a user puts virtual reality glasses on, they are then transported to a new place and a new story. Users can listen to digital stories from real people, and what makes this even more unfathomable, the people in the video are sitting and talking directly to you.


The Response by Nick Grimes

  1. The assessment and evaluation traits that I selected for this digital story are:
  • Originality, voice and creativity: This production was quite creative. It started off with Chris presenting virtual reality as a child while playing with toys. How his imagination transported him to different worlds and how deeply connected he felt to these characters; expressing empathy. He then went to describe his developing career, eventually concluding in a new technology of true virtual reality. His ten minute long video encased multiple videos, pictures, narratives and movie clips, as well as examples of how he creates his virtual reality (VR).
  • Presentation and performance: This man performed in front of a large audience, as it was conducted for a Ted Talk’s series. His performance was truly inspiring because it shed new insights on how VR can be used outside of video game contexts. The audience was also engaged due to their laughter and engaged faces.
  • Sense of audience: The story almost seemed to stun the audience. You could see peoples eyes light up with excitement at the idea of politicians using VR to see into others worlds; to see the people that their laws may impact and effect. This insight allowed the audience perspective

I agree with Nick that the originality, voice and creativity was quite clever and creative.  I felt the Digital Story was well made and the craftsmanship was good. I thought the piece was very engaging and drew the audience into the virtual reality and the impacts it may have on our society. The video clip was inspiring and led me to want to understand more about virtual reality and how it can integrated with different professions.

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