Peer Response to: Should students have their own digital domains?

Audrey Watters in her article “The web we need to give students”. Watters believes that students should be given their own personal domain to post their work that they create throughout their educational career.


I enjoyed this article, it was engaging and well written. I agree with the core thought of Audrey Watters that students could use a place to save all of the work throughout their educational career. I agree that this might not be realistic for primary and secondary students, but I can see how college and graduate students could definitely benefit from this concept of storing material for the future. Often I have wondered what some of my early work looked as a college student and would love to go back and revisit my thinking. In the end, the question of who’s responsibility is it to create an online storage area for students; is it the school or the parents that should take on this new potential for all students. I felt Heather Schelt (DeBaca) did a nice job responding to this piece and believe as she does, that there is a benefit to storing educational materials and specifically work completed by students for the ages.

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