Week 6 – Response to a piece of selected scholarship you choose related to storytelling


Week Six:  Digital Story Response to a piece of selected scholarship you choose related to storytelling – please include the link in your post

Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling | TED Talk | TED.com

▶ 3:51


TED        Sabia shows how new technology has always helped us tell our own stories, from the walls of caves to his …

  • What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading?


The main insights to this TED Talk are that story telling has changed throughout the ages. First there was only verbal stories that were handed down through the generations, with a few people putting ideas and thoughts down on paper. The book then became the new normal and stories were told and passed down through time with the written word. As time went by, new ideas came about and the Pop-up book became available to children in their books that were read to them by their parents and teachers. The advent of the computer and digital technology has given rise to new and exciting ways for ideas and thoughts to be passed down through the generations. The digital age is upon us, and this creates unforeseen ways to communicate stories with a blending of images, videos and music.



  • How does this reading challenge/expand/contradict your definition of (digital) storytelling?


The video reinforces the idea that story telling has evolved over the last several years, and has taken on a new meaning. Technology has increased the media available and individuals are now able to manipulate text, images, videos and music to create more dynamic stories.



  • Having engaged this reading, what are you now curious about?  What questions are you asking, particularly about (digital) storytelling?

I wonder how this art-form will continue to evolve in the future, and what new technologies or software applications will be developed to take story-telling to a new level. Are students being properly trained on how to use technology in their classrooms, and are they being encouraged to develop stories with a wide variety of media.


  • What additional scholarship, popular media, teaching resources, or other media are related to your developing understanding of both (digital) storytelling and this reading?


For additional examples of story-telling go to:

The power of digital storytelling | Emily Bailin | TEDxSoleburySchool …

▶ 17:03

Jun 16, 2014 – Uploaded by TEDx Talks

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Emily has been …



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