Comment (1) on Peer Digital Story Critique Week 6 –

My Critique

I chose these traits in my Rubric because you must possess these traits to be successful in telling a Digital Story.


Digital Story evaluation: 10 points each
Digital Craftsmanship Command of the media? Was the use of media appropriate, supportive of the story, balanced and well considered? This short video clip was very engaging, and was appropriate for high school students. The story is well balanced and both the mother and daughter are given a chance to ask questions and talk about their feeling. It was well considered and audio was well made and fit the mural image of them both.

Points: 10

Audience Engagement How well did the story capture and keep audience engagement? Was the level of interactivity appropriate to the story being told.  

The high school students were engaged in this short video and seem to be inspirational for many of the students. The level of interactivity was appropriate to the story being told. The students had a short discussion on the video afterwards, and many of commented on how difficult the situation must have been for them both.   


Points: 10

Originality, voice, creativity How creative was the production? Did the presentation exhibit an original sense of voice and a fresh perspective?  

This video clip was creative, this is seen by the variety of images that was included in the presentation. The voice in the video was original and went with the image of them both. This was a fresh perspective for the students and they truly seemed to enjoy this Digital Story. I would heartily recommend this video to any high school or middle school students.

Points 10


This is a great short digital story that offers students a chance to reflect on other peoples lives, and gives the students a chance to expand on their empathy skill-set as well as learn the importance of communication and talking through difficult emotional issues.

Final score 30/30. I highly recommend this video to any teacher who is interested in showing a different perspective, and showing the strong bond between a mother and daughter. 

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