Response to Ch 7 – Social Learning, ‘push & pull, and building platforms for social learning


Response and Reflection – Chapter 7 – Social Learning, “Push and Pull, and building platforms for social learning.

  • What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading?

This chapter explores the idea on how the Internet shapes learning and enhances participatory and collaborative environments for students to prepare for the future. In addition, the chapter explores how the Internet develops social learning

  • How does this reading challenge/expand/contradict your definition of (digital) storytelling?

The chapter challenges the idea of what Literacy means in society, and expands the notion of how the Internet can be used to develop social awareness.

  • Having engaged this reading, what are you now curious about?

It was interesting to learn how the Internet has enhanced our lives personally, and how students need to be able to use technology in a variety of ways to be truly accomplished and literate in the 21st century.

  • What questions are you asking, particularly about (digital) storytelling?

How will the Internet and technology evolve in the future and what new challenges will face society in the next 25 years? Can the Internet and technology be used to create a lower cost form of education for the masses in the future.

  • What additional scholarship, popular media, teaching resources, or other media are related to your developing understanding of both (digital) storytelling and this reading?

Clive Thompson on the New Literacy | WIRED


Aug 24, 2009 – “I think we’re in the midst of a literacy revolution the likes of which we haven’t … It’s reviving it—and pushing our literacy in bold new directions

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