Comment 2: Digital Story Critique Nov 6

Digital Story evaluation:

At 74, She Is the Oldest Practitioner of an Indian Martial Art

Digital Craftsmanship Command of the media? Was the use of media appropriate, supportive of the story, balanced and well considered? This short story is very well made and  the digital craftsmanship is outstanding. The colorful video demonstrates that age is a virtue and through experience we can transform our lives. The video was presented in a balance manner and gives insights how this Indian Martial Art is interwoven in Indian Culture.
Points: 10
Audience Engagement How well did the story capture and keep audience engagement? Was the level of interactivity appropriate to the story being told.  This video is short and engages the audience from the very beginning. The video is appropriate for all ages of students.
Points: 10
Originality, voice, creativity How creative was the production? Did the presentation exhibit an original sense of voice and a fresh perspective? This video gives us a fresh perspective on what life is like for many people in India and also how one of the oldest martial arts still transforms lives of people.
Points 10


This a very exciting video and engages the audience to learn more about the Indian Culture. Secondary students are interested in the video, and it is eye-opening for many young boys and girls to see an older lady excel and become one of the most respected martial artist in the country.

Final score 30/30. I would highly recommend this video to all educators and would recommend the video to be used to promote health and excellence for all genders and ages.

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