Comment 2: Peer Review Response


Response and Reflection –

  • What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading?

The Art of Story telling  is essential when teaching students, and the ability to create a story that intertwines with the interest of the student, the more effective the lesson will be.

  • How does this reading challenge/expand/contradict your definition of (digital) storytelling?

The conventional wisdom is the story telling  is through video or words, and the article poses the question that Story Telling is a lot broader than the original definition and can encase many different medias.

  • Having engaged this reading, what are you now curious about?

How can I increase effective in my classroom by developing more interesting lessons through story telling and  varied medias.

  • What questions are you asking, particularly about (digital) storytelling?

What are some of the ways and  tools that I can use to develop my story telling skill-sets.

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