Response to a piece of selected scholarship- Nov 6

A Road Traveled

Response and Reflection –

  • What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading?

Story telling is an age old art form and many of the stories passed down through time have a journey theme to them. Lambert theorizes that much of the new literacy – Digital Story telling was started early on in the 1960’s through folk music,  cultural activist movements in the era. These stories were often embedded with colorful characters that were brought through some form of transformation by their experiences in the journey.


  • How does this reading challenge/expand/contradict your definition of (digital) storytelling?

This reading challenged my conventional thinking because I never thought of early folk music and the cultural awaking of  many people as the catalyst for them to embark on a journey to tell their story.


  • Having engaged this reading, what are you now curious about?

I am curious how the  folk stories were the transition for many people to have their stories told and heard, and in a sense the Digital Story telling era has increased the democratization for people throughout the world.


  • What questions are you asking, particularly about (digital) storytelling?

I wonder what other art forms over the last 60 years has also led to this broadening of story telling, and how they have affected the digital revolution.


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