Week 12: Digital Story Critique – Monday November 7th – Sunday November 13th

Week 12: Digital Story Critique – Monday November 7th – Sunday November 13th

My Critique

I chose these traits in my Rubric because you must possess traits to be successful in telling a Digital Story.


Technology in Education: A Future Classroom

Digital Story evaluation: 10 points each
Digital Craftsmanship Command of the media? Was the use of media appropriate, supportive of the story, balanced and well considered? This short 3 minute video is great. It is well made, and offers a glimpse into the future. The video is balanced in that it shows current technologies and how they could be integrated with new more advanced technologies and totally change the way the classroom is set-up and how students engage.

Points: 10

Audience Engagement How well did the story capture and keep audience engagement? Was the level of interactivity appropriate to the story being told.  

This video was engaging and  captured the audiences attention from the beginning. Students of all ages will be interested in seeing into the future and what some of the possibilities are, and teachers and parents are engaged and interested as well. The interactivity of the video is appropriate and the topic is fascinating to say the least.

Points: 10

Originality, voice, creativity How creative was the production? Did the presentation exhibit an original sense of voice and a fresh perspective?  This video is well made and offers a creative look into what future may hold. The music and action video offers a fresh perspective on how education with the help of technology will fundamentally change the way students learn in the  classroom.


Points 10


I really enjoyed this short video and my middle and high school students appreciated it as well. Many of the students wanted this technology now! My young daughter was intrigued with the concepts that will hopefully be available to her as she reaches high school.

Final score 30/30. I highly recommend this video to all teachers and encourage them to seek out new ways to bring content alive through technology.



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