Week 13 – Peer Comment 2 – Digital Story Critique

Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World



My Critique

I chose these traits in my Rubric because you must possess traits to be successful in telling a Digital Story.


Digital Story evaluation: 10 points each
Digital Craftsmanship Command of the media? Was the use of media appropriate, supportive of the story, balanced and well considered? This short 6 minute video is well made and the media is appropriate for secondary students. It is balanced and leads the viewers down the path of what it was like to journey around the world. The use of props is outstanding and makes the video come alive.

Points: 10

Audience Engagement How well did the story capture and keep audience engagement? Was the level of interactivity appropriate to the story being told.  

Great! This short digital story is excellent and fun to watch. The audience is intrigued by the topic, and the camera angles and music, along with the narration makes this story appropriate for all ages. The props used throughout the video add credence to the topic and draw the audience into the story line.

Points: 10

Originality, voice, creativity How creative was the production? Did the presentation exhibit an original sense of voice and a fresh perspective?  

This video was creatively done, and is well thought out. The video is a fresh perspective on the challenges that Johnny Walker went through as he traveled the world.

Points 10


This short video was fun, and engaging and I would recommend it to all students in high school and beyond. The topic is interesting and will hold the attention of students, and also offer a platform to have a discussion after viewing.

Final score 30/30.

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