Flush Brush (TM) patent pending


“Today our challenge is to both imagine and create the new technologies that can make the 21st century more peaceful and prosperous than the 20th” Peter Thiel

The Flush Brush (TM) Brush Head is made out of a Plant Based Cellulose Materials that will decompose into the earth. The Wand has a Reservoir that is filled with a Cleaning Solution and is made out of Recyclable material.

The Flush Brush (TM)

Preview the Indiegogo Crowd-Funding campaign that will kick off on Earth Day, April 22, 2017

The Earth Day Campaign will also support The Ocean Cleanup project which is to kick off in 2020 and will provide petition opportunities to the United States and the United Nations to become actively involved

Flush Brush Crowd Funding Campaign Coming Soon! Earth Day 2107.  Help bring a new Every Day Product to market, while also helping the The Ocean Cleanup Project of 2020.

Fill out the form below if you would like to receive a notification on Earth Day when this Crowd Funding campaign begins on Earth Day 2017.



This is a Plant Based Cellulose disposable Brush Head. Plus the Toilet Wand is filled with Cleaning Solution – This is an Eco-Friendly All Purpose Tool. The Wand is made out of recyclable material and the Cellulose Brush  Head is made out of a course Loofah material that can be directly disposed of in land-fills.  To learn more about the Flush Brush (TM) contact me below.

Distribution Networks are being developed.


Sara and the Staff at the Denver True Value believe in Greg’s idea and the Flush Brush ™ and have committed to stock the first order of the Flush Brush ™ in their store. Sara stated, “I believe a plant based solution used with the Brush Head will be a hit with our customers and we look forward to bringing this product to market”

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