Passive Energy Solution to help Clean-Up Plastics in the Oceans

Passive Energy Solution to clean-up the oceans

TheOceanCleanup2020 Project  (Links to an external site.)–Passive Energy Cleaning Solution – Entrepreneurs Leading the Way – Boyan Slat is currently leading the way, to help clean up the oceans of the world. He has developed a new passive energy solution to help clean up the oceans of the world. The ocean cleanup is currently being tested and will be ready for launch, if everything goes as planned in the year 2020. The system that is being developed is scalable, autonomous, and energy neutral according to their site:  This means No External Energy Source is needed to run the operation.

Sponsored by the Flush Brush™ Earth Day Crowd Funding Campaign – April 22, 2017 will kick-off. The Flush Brush ™ is an Eco-Friendly toilet wand with a plant based brush head. The prototypes are being built and tested at this time, and Preorders are now being accepted by independent hardware stores. The Flush Brush supports The Ocean Cleanup and is setting up the crowd-funding so that portions of the contributions will go towards this massive cleanup project.

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