About Me

I am a Family Man, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Educational Professional who is deliberate in the prioritization of project planning and execution of challenging solutions, with a commitment to collaborating and seeking new paths to growth, efficiency and learning.

To learn more go to: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregory-reichmuth-609010121


STEM Teacher

Denver Public Schools

January 2002 – Present  (3 years 7 months at Denver Center for 21st Century Learning – DC21) Denver Colorado

DC21 at Wyman MS
Grade Level 06 – 12
Subject(s) Taught

Industrial/Technology Education/STEM

Licensure 135982 Career & Technical Ed Authorization Instr Tech Computer Endorse 12-04-2014 12-04-2017

Licensure 161983 Teacher: Professional Teacher License Instr Tech Computer Endorse 01-09-2016 01-09-2021

ELA Qualified ELA-E 11-18-2015 01-01-3000
ELA Qualified ELA-T 11-18-2015 01-01-3000


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