Educational Philosophy


My Educational Philosophy

When teachers provide Great Lessons Everyday that have an emphasis on digital literacy, students will be ready for college and or a career. As teachers We work to develop the Whole-child, which means developing the social and emotional health of a child as well as focusing on content. To truly close the Achievement-Gap, so that All students can achieve We must focus on reducing the Opportunity Gap that exist in many of the urban school districts throughout our nation.
As a Teacher, I will provide for My Students the following:

Great Lessons Everyday
•    I am committed to increasing the quality and engagement of the course content by providing project based lessons that stimulate creativity and critical thinking skills. Lessons are structured so that students learn to justify and critique outcomes to maximize their learning.
Foundations of Success
•    I will ensure every student has access to technologies that emphasize digital literacy.
Ready for College and Career
•    I will inspire, challenge and empower my students to forge their own futures. I am are committed providing the tools to be successful in college and to be career ready.
Support for the Whole Child
•    I will develop the Whole Child by focusing not only on academic success but also providing a safe environment that supports and engages the social, emotional and overall health of the student.
Close the Opportunity Gap
•    I will close the opportunity gap and increase school achievement by fostering a culture of equity for All Students.


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